Tom & Elisa – Wedding in the Nature, Lazio, Italy

Tom, an astrophysicist, and Elisa found a unique connection with the star Albireo, a binary system, symbolizing their love as it mirrors the eternal dance of two stars—one small and one large, one orange and the other blue.

Both of them wished to commemorate their union with a ceremony that resonated with the natural world and the cosmos. Alongside La Sposa degli Aberi, they meticulously selected a location for their civil ceremony, customizing it to their needs. Ultimately, they settled on a spot framed by ancient oak trees and set against the backdrop of a breathtaking olive grove.

The day began with a touch of rain and gusty winds but graced them with brilliant sunshine and a magical sunset, allowing their entire event to unfold outdoors, just as they had envisioned.
Their wedding luncheon unfolded amidst the olive trees, in perfect harmony with the natural wedding spirit that Elisa and Tom had envisioned.

Revisiting the wedding film of this natural wedding always fills us with the same excitement we felt that day. From the heartfelt speeches delivered by both the bride and groom and their guests, to the melodious tunes sung by Tom and the choir formed of close friends, and the unexpected Backstreet Boys-themed flash mob, the day culminated in a spine-tingling rendition of Franco Battiato’s “La Cura” by Tom. This song has now become forever entwined with their memory, and whenever it graces our ears, we are transported back to those unforgettable moments.

Photos courtesy Francesco Galdieri

Wedding Designer:
La Sposa degli Alberi
Francesco Galdieri, Andrea Di Giampasquale
Andrea Tricarico, Giordano Gibbon, Perla Gonzalez Macias
Floral Design:
Tulipani Bianchi
Arianna Saura
Atelier Emé
My Golden Age
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