Dans Leurs Regards – Intimate Couple Shooting

What comes after “I do.” What awaits you in your journey together? Do you picture yourselves as happy and passionate as that very first day?

Marriage marks the beginning of something that should last an eternity—an idea so profound it defies rationality. This Valentine’s Day, we’ve chosen to celebrate love with a couple’s shoot, offering a glimpse into life after the wedding through photos and a video.

This couple, who have been married for seven wonderful months and whose lives are brimming with love. Their love story began with a spark, and that spark still burns brightly, fueling their passion, just as it did when they first fell in love.

We strolled through the cherished memories of their wedding day. Over cups of hot tea, we discussed their shared passions, like reading by the fireplace and their mutual love for bicycles. All of this unfolded amidst tender, intimate moments and a romantic dinner thoughtfully prepared and decorated by La Sposa degli Alberi.

Their journey together stretches out before them, and we’ve had the privilege of embarking on a small part of it, capturing it to the best of our ability in this couple’s shoot. Everything flowed effortlessly and naturally. A tightly knit couple, still experience the butterflies in their stomachs and keep the flame of passion alive.

In the language of love, French, we hear:

La courbe de tes yeux fait le tour de mon cœur,
un rond de danse et de douceur,
auréole du temps, berceau nocturne et sûr.

Mon Arlequin, mon Aventurier, ma Nuit,
mon bonheur, ma passion.

Ailes couvrant le monde de lumière, bateaux
chargés du ciel et de la mer,
chasseurs des bruits et sources des couleurs,
parfums éclos d’une couvée d’aurores
qui gît toujours sur la paille des astres.

Le rire s’est tu, les mots ne sont plus –
et plus près, plus profond, plus tendre,
plus ardent – et puis cette tout à fait
insoutenable volupté, que tu
sais si merveilleusement, si savamment prolonger.

Comme le jour dépend de l’innocence
le monde entier dépend de tes yeux purs
dans leurs regards.

Photos courtesy Francesco Galdieri

Wedding Design:
La Sposa degli Alberi
Francesco Galdieri
Andrea Tricarico
Wedding Shots:
Emiliano Allegrezza
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