Joao & Carolina – Engagment in Rome, Italy

I had the privilege of capturing João’s romantic proposal to Carolina in Rome. This lovely Portuguese couple, who were visiting Rome in September, began their enchanting love story nine years ago when they fell for each other while attending classes at the same university – a real-life fairytale.

João and Carolina are both incredibly warm and tender-hearted, sharing a profound passion for travel. It was this very love for exploration that inspired João to choose the Colosseum as the backdrop for his marriage proposal.

Leading up to the Rome proposal, João and I engaged in an intense email correspondence. I understand the importance of building a personal connection with my clients that transcends the professional, and João was understandably nervous about orchestrating this unforgettable surprise. We worked closely together to ensure every detail was perfect: from selecting the ideal location and timing for capturing unforgettable video moments post-proposal to planning a flawless surprise that would catch Carolina completely off guard. We exchanged messages right up until the last moment, leveraging the power of technology to make it all seamless. We even offered advice on what they should wear for this special day.

Carolina’s reaction was nothing short of heartwarming. Her boundless love for João shone brightly through her eyes as he held her in his protective embrace. João, himself, was left utterly speechless, finding solace in the warmth of their embrace.

This was a heartwarming afternoon, and the emotions of that moment continue to resonate with me each time I revisit the video. I poured my heart into creating these memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Photos courtesy Francesco Galdieri

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Francesco Galdieri
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