Pascal & Claudia – Wedding at Casale di Polline, Rome, Italy

When I reflect on Claudia and Pascal, I’m reminded of their smiles, the sheer joy in their eyes, and the remarkable positivity and optimism that define them. Despite residing in Paris, our first in-person encounter took place on their wedding day, yet it felt as though we’d been lifelong friends.

The preparations unfolded at a hotel not far from the venue, while both the religious ceremony and the reception were hosted at Casale di Polline, an enchanting Italian wedding venue overlooking the serene Bracciano Lake, just a few kilometers from Rome.

Claudia and Pascal’s wedding was a true celebration of music. To begin with, the Catholic ceremony was conducted outdoors at the small chapel adjacent to the estate, an uncommon occurrence in Italy. The officiant, someone deeply cherished by the bride and groom, presided over a profoundly moving and inspirational Mass, a stark departure from the sometimes mundane and impersonal ceremonies I’ve witnessed. The ceremony was further enriched by a choir composed of friends and colleagues of the couple, who sang with remarkable passion, hinting at the musical theme of the wedding.

Given Claudia’s background as a stage and musical actress, with Pascal frequently accompanying her in various projects, it’s no surprise that music played a central role in the festivities. Alongside Claudia’s colleagues, we were treated to a delightful flash mob performed in both Italian and French, which brought tears to our bride’s eyes. And, of course, a mini-concert by the musical ensemble in which both Claudia and Pascal are members—the Woodlight! Do check them out on Spotify; they are truly exceptional!

One last precious memory from this extraordinary music-themed wedding that I’m delighted to share is that Claudia was expecting baby Luce, which translates to “Light” in Italian. With this additional detail in mind, the video emotion take on a whole new meaning.

Photos courtesy Francesco Galdieri

Casale di Polline
Getting Ready Venue:
Albergo Borgo Vista Lago
Francesco Galdieri
Andrea Tricarico, Diego Ortuso, Perla Gonzalez Macias
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