Marco & Lavinia – Wedding at Abbazia San Giusto, Tuscania, Italy

Lavinia and Marco’s love story could easily rival the plot of a novel or a blockbuster movie. Their paths seemed to almost cross in time and space on multiple occasions until they finally encountered each other in the vibrant city of Barcelona, during an electronic music concert. From that pivotal moment onwards, they’ve been inseparable, even when their love had to endure the trials of long-distance.

Lavinia’s innate optimism and outgoing nature have beautifully complemented Marco’s serious and introverted disposition, creating a dynamic and harmonious partnership where they support each other through life’s challenges.

Their journey took a significant turn when little Matilda entered the scene, bringing with her the unique and transformative changes only a child can bring. From the initial euphoria to the inevitable moments of self-doubt and growth, they navigated the joys and challenges of parenthood together. It’s an experience that, as a parent myself, I can attest is far from easy but incredibly rewarding and ever-evolving.

The culmination of their beautiful story took place in the stunning setting of San Giusto Abbey in Italy. This historical location, with roots dating back to the 10th century when it was a simple Benedictine parish church, provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding. The restored monastery, with its rich history, offered a splendid venue for their celebration.

Lavinia prepared for the big day in the spacious room on the second floor, illuminated by the slender windows typical of the era, creating enchanting interplays of light and shadow that we skillfully incorporated into the video. Meanwhile, Marco readied himself in the monastery tower, climbing the narrow steps to rooms filled with light yet retaining a captivating ambiance, tastefully furnished to maintain a sense of history. The ancient church served as the backdrop for their heartwarming ceremony, while the inner courtyard welcomed their guests for the reception.

The outdoor spaces of the abbey also played a crucial role in their celebration, with the expansive lawn serving as the venue for the aperitifs and desserts, and the panoramic terrace providing a breathtaking backdrop for the cake-cutting.

Their wedding was a celebration marked by simplicity and elegance, characterized by heartfelt moments shared not only between the newlyweds but also with their cherished guests, who enthusiastically joined in celebrating Lavinia and Marco’s union.

Photos courtesy Francesco Galdieri


Abbazia San Giusto
Francesco Galdieri
Andrea Tricarico, Massimiliano Biocco
Floral Designer:
Sartoria Floreale
Sarah Honey & The Cherry Pie
Lincei Catering
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